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Payroll Services

Liezel Salonga

Treasury Officer

Payroll Services

We offer comprehensive payroll services to take the burden off your shoulders while still providing the same level of service, as our professionals are well-versed in using cloud accounting software like QuickBooks and Zoho. Using our secure cloud-based system, we are able to seamlessly take over all of the tasks, such as, accurately processing employee contributions, tax withholdings, bonuses, time tracking, salaries, overtime, holiday pay, along with other benefits. Our streamlined payroll services save our clients time and money!

Our Payroll Services Include:

Quick preparation of employment filings and payments

Our payroll service allows our clients to ensure 100% accurate and always on time payment to their employees.

Calculate and processes paychecks and payroll taxes

Taxes are setup correctly and paid on time in accordance with federal and state laws. We are administrative gurus when it comes to taxes, insurance, and social security withholdings.

Flexible payroll input options (web, email, cloud)

Clients are able to submit employee work hours no matter the circumstances or where they are in the world. There is always a channel available for us to get the data we need to process the payroll.

Experienced and certified payroll specialists

All of our payroll specialists possess college degrees in accounting and attended additional classes/training for handling the payroll processes and taxes for the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Prepare and distribute W-2 forms

Our team generates and disseminates W-2’s at the end of each year for every employee on each of our client’s accounts.

Process tax levies and other garnishments

Certified payroll specialists are experts in handling the most complex tax scenarios to ensure precise and accurate amounts are garnished in accordance with local state and federal regulations.

Vacation, sick days and paid time-off tracking

Our payroll reports are inclusive of all days worked along with earned and used vacation/sick days.

Maintain accurate record keeping

All client records are securely kept in accordance with Federal and state laws along with any additional requirements from our clients. Our encrypted databases contain the confidential records of everything completed for our clients for the entire duration of us providing the service.

Employment and wage verifications

All records for employees hours and salaries both past and present are kept confidential but available at the client’s request.

Certified payroll processing

Compliant weekly reports for both federal and state governments.

Automated time clocks

Simple to use employee hour tracking systems for payroll editing, reporting and exporting.

Use of Quickbooks or any other accounting software

Our certified accountants are experienced and knowledgeable on using all of the most common accounting software.

We only need basic information from our client and their employees for the accurate processing of the payroll. After we have the list of employees we will provide the system for collecting data on hours worked, days off, etc. There are a number of ways to collect the data for the employees work hours and we will support whichever way is most convenient for the client. Some clients choose to just email their employees information for each pay period rather than using our online system.

Our payroll experts are able to process data from a wide range of sources to calculate the pay along with any deductions and taxes to ensure employees are compensated 100% accurately and on time. Payroll service also includes the filing of monthly, quarterly and annual payroll tax reports on top of issuing end of the year W-2 and 1099 forms.

How It Works

Costs Breakdown

We have flat monthly rates for our payroll service that takes into consideration the number of hours required to complete the payroll. Every client is different in regards to the number of employees, complexity of tax requirements, frequency of pay, etc. In general, we charge $9/hr for our basic payroll service that takes care of all payroll and tax filing needs. Based on the client’s initial requirements, we are able to convert this $9/hr to a monthly flat rate that covers the payroll service and will not change without receiving any additional requirements from the client.

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