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Kharlyn Jane Ayson

Administrative Associate

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

The accounts payable and receivable service is a huge asset to all of our clients. Our team of certified accountants has the necessary experience coupled with a knack for keeping their eye on the ball and not letting anything slip through the cracks. In addition to paying bills, our clients never have to chase down payments since we also stay on top of the accounts receivable.

AP & AR Services Included:

Invoice Management

We process all invoices that are sent to our clients. All questions regarding items, prices or general information about the invoices will be clarified by our team. Before payment is approved we verify all data on each invoice to ensure the correct total, the items listed, date, vendor, invoice number, etc.


Reports of all transactions are generated monthly, quarterly, and annually. Reports include all previous payments to each vendor along with the description and invoice number. Client invoices combined with the payroll and other expenditures allows us to provide accurate reporting of all expenses generated by the company.


Records of post business transactions, invoices processed, distributed payroll, along with other financial data is stored securely. All transactions and correspondence from the beginning can quickly be retrieved at our client’s request.

Payable Services

Receivable Services

Debt Collections

Our team of accountants and collections personnel verify the delinquency of accounts and solicit payments on overdue debts. They compile all documents needed to prepare and post invoices and debit memos.


Our accounting team is dedicated to providing efficient and accurate financial management services to our clients. We handle tasks such as preparing customer statements, generating bills, invoices, and reconciling expenses within our clients' ledgers. We also maintain thorough documentation of all financial transactions, making sure to verify the details of funds received and account balances.


Reports of all transactions are generated monthly, quarterly, and annually. Reports include all previous payments received along with the description and amounts. Our tracking allows us to provide accurate reporting of all income generated by the company.

We are able to seamlessly take over all payable and receivable transactions of our clients by using advanced cloud technology. After getting a quick breakdown of the company’s financial operation we are able to immediately implement our efficient accounting system. Every deposit and expense is triple checked for accuracy and safely stored in our secure database that maintains a record of every financial transaction processed. This makes it super easy for our clients to track their income and expenses, which prevents loss of capital and unnecessary spending. This flawless record of transactions is most appreciated by our clients during the tax season or while going through numerous audits since everything is saved in one spot.

How It Works

Costs Breakdown

We have flat monthly rates for our accounts payable and receivable service that takes into consideration the number of hours required to complete everything involved for the month. Every client is different in regards to their requirements like number of customers, vendors, the complexity of invoices, number of accounts, etc. In general, we charge $9/hr for our accounts payable and receivable service that takes care of all financial documentation dealing with income and expenses. Based on the client’s initial requirements, we are able to convert this $9/hr to a monthly flat rate that covers the entire AP / AR service and will not change without receiving any additional requirements from the client.

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