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Benefit Plans

Benefit Plans

We provide your company with accounting experts who receive specific training on your area’s rules, regulations, and labor norms, no matter where your country of operation is located. We currently cater to customers in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand but our firm also has experience in dealing with Employee Benefit Plan Audits who work remotely or in offshore locations including but not limited to, the Philippines, Romania, India, and Central America.

Ricalyn Piones

Payroll Specialist

How We Do It

At our core, we’re a staffing company. On your behalf, we will hire, train, and oversee dedicated accounting staff who will work for your company, either remotely or from one of our facilities in the US, the Philippines, Georgia, or one of our other offshore locations. Of course, that choice is yours and will depend on your company’s requirements and budget.


The most obvious benefit is the cost saving. It's simply cheaper to outsource tasks. Even if you hire an American bookkeeper working remotely would bring in savings, but not nearly close enough to outsourcing the job to the Philippines, where the average accountant’s salary is around $1000 per month.


Instead of hiring and managing an in-house accounting firm, you can free up your schedule and focus on other critical operations, such as, generating more revenue for the company. Many small to mid-sized companies outsource at least some part of their accounting for this reason.


Having an outsourced or remote accountant who is not close to the staff or other executives helps to ensure an unbiased audit of your payroll and benefits. You want financial professionals who can look at the numbers without any internal bias.


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Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a big company looking to get bigger, our diverse group of accounting professionals can handle your financial needs regardless of the industry.